Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Trailer Takes You Through the Plantation House

With the new Resident Evil 7 biohazard gameplay trailer today, Capcom shows off a gameplay sequence from the main game that introduces Marguerite Baker and a mysterious female character, while also showing off new areas of the plantation house. To help avoid story spoilers, some content in the trailer has been adjusted.

Set in Dulvey, Louisiana, Resident Evil 7 sees rumors flying around about what happened to Jack and Marguerite Baker, who haven’t been heard from in ages. “At the end of Beginning Hour, you see a tagline that reads “Meet the Family,” and in that demo, you get a glimpse at the supposedly missing Jack Baker,” Capcom adds.

Although the gameplay may appear fuzzy in the trailer, it’s not representative of Resident Evil 7’s graphics. Instead, it’s a filter that simulates the battered tapes you’ll be “‘watching’ and playing through in the full game, similar to the tape you can find of the ‘Sewer Gators’ film crew in Beginning Hour.”

Here’s the Resident Evil 7 description:

Players experience the terror directly from the first person perspective for the first time in the Resident Evil series. Embodying the iconic gameplay elements of exploration and tense atmosphere that first coined “survival horror” some twenty years ago, Resident Evil 7 biohazard delivers a disturbingly realistic experience that will define the next era in horror entertainment. Returning to the series roots, signature gameplay features including exploration, puzzles and a realistic tense atmosphere awaits players. The classic inventory system returns but with limited space meaning players must choose what they carry with them carefully, making sure they remember to pack their green herbs!

Resident Evil 7 releases on January 24, 2017 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. PlayStation VR owners will be able to play the game fully in VR.

The Beginning Hour demo is still available from the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Plus members.

[Source: PS Blog, Capcom Unity]