Respawn: Adding Titanfall 2 Single-Player Component Was a “Pretty Easy Decision”

While the first Titanfall didn’t have a dedicated single-player campaign, it’s no secret by now that Respawn is making amends by adding a full fledged campaign for Titanfall 2. 

Speaking to Respawn at a multiplayer event for Titanfall 2, we asked them what convinced them to add a single-player campaign to the sequel.

PSLS: What would you say convinced you to add a single-player campaign to Titanfall 2?

Mohammad Alavi, Senior Designer: It was a pretty easy decision, actually. One of the two things that the community definitely wanted out of Titanfall 2 was: they wanted more. They just wanted a lot more. They wanted a bigger progression system, more weapons, more customization, all that stuff. We gave them all that. The other thing they wanted was a single-player campaign. Something to sink their teeth into. ‘Cause we had all this universe-building, but it was kind of really hard to get into when you’re getting your ass kicked online, right? But that didn’t mean that people didn’t feel it, and they wanted to get lost in it. So they wanted that, and then, we have so many devs, veteran devs, that have over a decade of experience making single player games. So there’s definitely a passion there for single player. So the passion from our end, combined with the community, it was a very simple decision to just go do it.

Well, there you have it, folks. Titanfall 2 having a single-player campaign is certainly great news, but the main draw of the game is multiplayer, like it or not. Speaking of which, the Titanfall 2 open multiplayer tech test is now live and open to everyone! 

Check back later next week for our exclusive interview with Respawn.