Looks Like Michel Ancel Is Teasing Beyond Good & Evil 2

With Ubisoft France tweeting that we should be following Michel Ancel’s Instagram account closely, Ancel posted the above image earlier today, possibly teasing something to do with Beyond Good & Evil. Accompanying the image, Ancel wrote, “Somewhere in system 4 … – Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible!”

System 4 is the name of the solar system in Beyond Good & Evil, and it’s possible the concept art features a younger version of Pey’j from the first game.

So far this year, Ancel has said that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still happening, while a report surfaced that it would be exclusive to Nintendo’s NX. At E3, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said Beyond Good & Evil 2 is “something that at one point you will see, yes.” While he couldn’t confirm if it was in active development, he did add, “Michel is working on it, but he’s doing two games at the same time – he’s doing WiLD at the same time – so it’s coming along, but he has to spend more time on it so we can see it faster.”

What do you think the concept art means?

[Source: Michel Ancel, Ubisoft France via Gematsu (1), (2)]