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PlayStation LifeStyle New Year Gaming Resolutions

With the start of a new year, most people have a resolution or two that they vow they will stick to this time. For us here at PlayStation LifeStyle, we decided to write down and share what our gaming New Year resolutions will be.

As the cap to our year-end specials, check out what the staff thinks they should improve on gaming-wise in 2017. And yes, we refrained from just putting in “clear my backlog” and being done with it.

zarmenaZarmena Khan: I want to try more Japanese games. My first foray was Odin Sphere Leifthrasir and I really enjoyed it but that’s the only one I tried this year. My goal is to get my hands on Yakuza at the very least. Other than that, I want to play more RPGs. I’ve started becoming comfortable with them, though they are very time-consuming and that can be off-putting.

Paulmichael Contreras: I think I will resolve to not get so mad at games. I find myself frustrated with some at certain points. I need to take it easy, and realize Cameron just gave me a crappy game so that I can appreciate when I am given a great game! That is what’s going on, right?


cameronbwCameron Teague: I would say that it’s try to be more open and give Western RPGs a chance but there is no way in hell that will ever happen. I guess mine would be to try and beat more games and possibly get back into writing game reviews.


chandler_thumbnailChandler Wood: I didn’t take on nearly as many trophy challenges this year as I would have liked, so in 2017 I want to put a lot more focus into completing games for their Platinums and actually deleting them off my hard drive instead of hoarding 120 downloaded games that I rarely ever play. 155 Platinums… I would love to aim for 200 by this time next year, even though I know life will probably never let me hit that tall order.

Tyler TreeseTyler Treese: As someone who tries to play a very diverse selection of games, there’s only one genre where I feel outside of my comfort zone. That would be MOBAs, and I am going to change that in 2017. I’ll begin by dipping my toes in the water with Smite and Paragon, and then going from there.

mackimageMack Ashworth: Having now completed a fair number of non-FPS games, I think it’s time to go back to the good ol’ shooters. My resolution is to dedicate more time to multiplayer titles, as my 360 no-scoping skills have gotten very rusty!


StephenBittoBWStephen Bitto: I completed 44 games this year and snagged plats on 12 of them (although one shamefully was My Name is Mayo). Combine that with a new full time job, trips to LA, Hawai’i, Michigan, Minnesota and Vegas, adding a Siberian Husky to the family and a championship in my hometown of Cleveland! What the heck can I do better in 2017?

My resolution for 2017 is to take some of that energy and focus it on the PSLS community. I want to be more accessible. More game nights, more forum activity, more civility among long time community members. PlayStation LifeStyle is already the best place to get PlayStation news and there’s no reason why it can’t be the best place to talk about it too. Let’s do this!

Alex-CoAlex Co: I should maybe finish more games, I think. It’s a common problem, but it’s double for me since I have piles of unopened games, and digital games where I only play a few minutes and just slink back to my fave multiplayer game of the season. Not strictly gaming-related, but I should relax more and stop checking emails and working all day, everyday, seven days a week. Wife and kids are used to it, but I really ought to spend more time with them and I’ve been doing that recently but will reinforce it next year.

michaelMichael Briers: Stepping outside my comfort zone to dabble in genres that I wouldn’t usually — fighting/racing games etc. I’ll always love shooters/horror/RPGs but even as I looked back on 2016 for GOTY votes, I feel as though I didn’t really have an informed opinion about as many genres/categories as I would like. So yeah, basically, I wanna cast the net a little further in 2017.

JowiImageKeri Honea: I really only have two definite 2017 resolutions:


2) Get back into fighting games and visual novels. I used to be all over these genres in earlier generations, and this year has made me realize how much I miss both of them.

BlakeBlake Grundman: 

My main gaming resolution for 2017 is finding out a way to introduce gaming to my three-year-old son in a healthy way. He has already expressed an interest in games and watching me while I play things. Plus, he already loves playing basic shape and counting games on iOS. So the next logical step is figuring out how I can get him involved in console gaming. I am hoping I can find some interesting uses of the PS Camera and the Kinect (oh the horror!) that will give him a dose of gaming, while still keeping him active.

As another side resolution, I think I need to take a Destiny break. Well… at least for a little while. (Why can’t I quit you, Bungie?) I want to use this time to finally start Bloodborne. It is still in its plastic wrap and has been haunting me from the shelf for the last 10 months. I should probably get on that…

 And that’s it for us with our year-end specials. What gaming resolutions should you do come this 2017? Sound off in the comments and let us know! From us here at PlayStation LifeStyle, we wish everyone a fun, safe and fantastic New Year! See you in 2017!

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