Toukiden 2 Multiplayer Features Detailed

There’s only a few weeks left until the release of Toukiden 2 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VITA, and publisher Koei Tecmo has detailed several of the new multiplayer features being introduced in the sequel to 2013’s Toukiden.

According to the announcement, Toukiden 2 will feature quite a number of multiplayer features that will work on both the PS4 and PS Vita versions of the game, with local ad-hoc network multiplayer available for the latter.

One of these features include Portal Stones that will transport players to the game’s multiplayer lobby called the Command Hub where they’ll be able to group up with up to four other players to take down Oni, ferocious beasts and the game’s main antagonists.

Players can also group up to conduct Joint Operations where players can help each other in exchange for rewards such as weaponry and armor. Joint Operations can also be carried out offline with the help of Doppelgangers, formed from the data of Slayers you’ve previously done Joint Operations with.

Players may also share items with others using special containers called Reliquaries that are scattered across the game’s world. Just like Joint Operations, players who donate items into Reliquaries will also be rewarded as Reliquaries return items of equal value to the donors.

Players can distinguish themselves in Toukiden 2’s multiplayer modes via the game’s character creation system which, according to the announcement, includes a wide” variety of different visual styles never previously available in the Toukiden series.”