40 Minutes of Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 Pro Gameplay Shown Off

In the latest episode of PlayStation Underground, Sony offers up 40+ minutes of 4K Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay on PlayStation 4 Pro. The video includes footage from the first few hours of the game, but Social Media Director Sid Shuman says they strategically cut around some of the more spoiler-filled moments in the early parts of the story.

Previously, BioWare said Mass Effect Andromeda runs at 1800p with checkerboard rendering on PS4 Pro, while the base PS4 version runs at 1080p/30 frames-per-second.

If you’re planning on spending some time with Andromeda’s multiplayer, BioWare is launching an iOS/Android companion app worldwide on March 20 (it’s already out in Canada, Ireland, Romania, and Singapore). Titled Apex HQ, the app will allow you to change your loadout ahead of a match, command strike teams on-the-go, and stay up to date with all the latest multiplayer news, missions, and progression.

To properly use the app, you’ll need to make sure that you log in with the same EA Account linked to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC that you’re using to play Andromeda.

You can find download links and more information on Apex HQ over here.

Mass Effect Andromeda releases on March 21 in North America and March 23 in Europe. Weighing in at 2.3GB, update version 1.03 is already available.

[Source: PlayStation (YouTube), Apex HQ via GameSpot]