Persona 5 – Everything You Need to Know

It’s going on nine years since the release of Persona 4 and though JRPG fans old and new revelled in the handheld delight known as Persona 4 Golden, the wait for Persona 5 has at times been excruciating.

First unveiled four years ago, Atlus’ über-stylish JRPG sequel was initially pegged for a release in 2014, before numerous delays bumped Persona 5 all the way back to 2017 — first Valentine’s Day, before the Powers That Be ultimately settled on April 4 for the game’s worldwide launch. That’s almost seven months after Persona 5‘s debut in Japan, so if you’ve felt a crackle of excitement coursing through the Internet over the past week or so, it’s likely the pent-up demand for the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. They’re the teenage protagonists of Persona 5, and just one small element that makes up Atlus’ long-anticipated JRPG.

So, you’re ready to enroll in Shujin Academy? Not so fast! In anticipation of its North American launch on March 21, we’ve scoured the four corners of the internet — and the PSLS archives — to compile all the necessary information you could ever need pertaining to Persona 5.

Stay tuned to our Persona 5 review hitting the site soon.

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