Persona 5 Doesn’t Have a Day One Patch, Free Japanese Audio DLC Is Live

Players have revealed that the PlayStation 4 version of Persona 5 doesn’t have a day one patch, and the download size of the digital version is just over 20GB. The lack of a day one patch is likely due to the fact that Persona 5 was released in Japan last year, and the Western version was delayed from February 14 to tomorrow, April 4.

If you want to listen to the Japanese voices in Persona 5 though, you’ll need to download the free piece of DLC from the PlayStation Store (North America, Europe), which is 2.9GB. Other free day one DLC includes the Healing Item SetSkill Card Set, and New Difficulty Level Challenge (Merciless).

Here’s what Atlus says about the Japanese Audio Track DLC:

A special present as thanks for playing Persona 5! Download the ‘Persona 5 Japanese Audio Track’ to play with the original Japanese voices.

Once installed, the audio for a New Game can be set from the title screen via the Config menu. To change the audio for a game already in progress, toggle the Language option for the saved game between ENG and JPN at the Load Data menu. (Saving your progress afterward will commit your changes.) Enjoy!

You can see the rest of the Persona 5 DLC schedule over here.

Expect the PS3 version of Persona 5 to go live later today/tomorrow on the PlayStation Store.

[Source: PlayStation Store (NA, EU) via Reddit]


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