Report: Rumored L.A. Noire Remaster for PS4 Could Get PSVR Support

According to a new report from ComicBook, an L.A. Noire remaster for PlayStation 4 could be getting PlayStation VR support.

Hearing the information from three separate sources related to Rockstar Games, ComicBook says VR features have been prototyped for the PS4 version of the remaster. Additionally, they say a first-person mode will be added to the remaster on all platforms, similar to how Grand Theft Auto V received a first-person mode when it came to the new consoles.

Earlier this year, rumors of an L.A. Noire remaster popped up, suggesting that it would come to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in late summer 2017:

If these reports prove to be true, would you buy an L.A. Noire remaster?

[Source: ComicBook via VG247]