View the Concept Art That Inspired God of War’s New Look

The PlayStation Blog revealed the fascinating story about how a piece of concept art helped Sony Santa Monica set the tone they wanted for their upcoming God of War sequel on PlayStation 4. The artwork was done by artist Jose Peña, who wasn’t given a ton of direction at the time due to the studio looking for something different from previous games. Despite this, Peña was able to create a piece of concept art that established the game’s tone, and has inspired the development team ever since.

Check out the gorgeous piece of artwork below:

God of War Concept art

To check out the full story behind Jose Peña’s piece, you’ll want to read the fantastic article about it over at the PlayStation Blog. They spoke to the game’s creative director Cory Barlog and principal character artist Rafael Grassetti. It’s really an incredible story about how one piece of art had such an impact on the PlayStation 4’s most anticipated game.

If you haven’t read our E3 2017 preview of God of War, make sure to check it out. PlayStation LifeStyle’s own Paulmichael Contreras had this to say about Sony Santa Monica’s latest:

God of War is back, and it has brought with it some fresh ideas. Not only in gameplay, with a helper character, truly defensive options, and the removal of blatant button prompts. But also in the world from which this game’s mythology is drawn from. Kratos continues to struggle despite a lengthy period of self-imposed isolation. Meanwhile, his son appears to be just as willing and able to conquer his fears and vanquish enemies as Kratos. Yet there remain so many unanswered questions: what is in that satchel Kratos is seen handing to Atreus? What happened to Kratos while he was away from the world? Who was Atreus’ mother? Or that woman talking to him? By leaving these things unanswered, Sony Santa Monica has left us all talking amongst ourselves, awaiting with a near fever-pitch level of anticipation, for what looks to be another solid entry in this venerable series.

God of War is set to release in the first quarter of 2018. Our one-on-one interview with Cory Barlog will go up next week, so be on the lookout for that.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)