Titanfall 2 Additional Patch Notes Clarify Unintentional Balance Changes, Amped Weapons & More

Titanfall 2‘s “War Games Update” is now live, adding new free content, as well as implementing changes to help balance gameplay. The (almost) comprehensive list of tweaks can be found here, along with a new gameplay trailer.

A few things were missing from the original list of patch notes, however, and Respawn Entertainment has taken to Reddit to offer some clarifications.

  • Some balance changes slipped through that were unintentional. As we mentioned in the patch notes we are still debating and testing internally what the final changes will be and they will be implemented in the next DLC drop. They have been turned off and things should revert back except for a couple things:
  • Amped Weapons: We felt Amped Weapons have been problematic for a while in Titanfall 2 so we put it on a 30 second timer so it’s at parity with how other boosts operate.
  • Stalkers: Stalkers will also cause damage when you run over them with your Titan. This is intended we wanted to prevent one Titan from dominating a drop zone by just dashing over it.

Now that Respawn has “patched” the patch notes, we can all go back to enjoying the new free DLC drop.

What do you make of Titanfall 2‘s continued support? Still having fun with the game?

[Source: Reddit]