Brand New Rocket League Crates Include 80s Themed Items, Out on Monday

Today, Psyonix announced that brand new crates will be heading to Rocket League on Monday, December 4. The “Velocity Crates” will contain a ton of new gear, but the newest item will be the “Imperator DT5” Battle-Car. The car, ripped straight out of your 1980s synthwave-fueled dreams, highlights the theme of 1980s pop culture that the Velocity Crates aim to capture.

The new crates will also include six new Decals and Engine Audio, all of which can be used on most of the other Battle-Cars in the players garage. Other crate items include new goal explosions, wheels, player banners, and some other nifty surprises. All in all, the Velocity Crates look to add a ton of 80s themed items and seems to be filled with neon lights and incredibly flashy explosions. You can find them in the game starting this Monday, so make sure to log in if you want a chance at some new items.

In case you missed it, earlier this month a brand new patch was released to Rocket League, bringing some improved performances and bug fixes to the game. Check out some of what was updated below:



  • The Playlists / Find Match UI should load much more quickly than before
  • Competitive Leaver Penalties are no longer applied to players who quit after someone else has already left a competitive match
  • Replays from Urban Central that were captured before the Autumn Update will no longer cause the game to crash
  • Duplicate boost pads on Champion’s Field are no longer visible when using certain video settings
  • Fixed an issue with motion blur on Core 707 on all platforms


  • Fixed an issue that caused framerate stuttering/hitching to occur and worsen over time (with V-Sync off)
  • Fixed multiple crashes on Xbox


  • Fixed a rendering issue that could rarely cause corrupted textures on PS4

Rocket League is available now.

[Source: Rocket League]