Learn About the Process of Writing Horizon Zero Dawn’s Story

Horizon Zero Dawn was Sony’s most successful published game of 2017, and wound up getting a lot of praise from other developers. One of the reasons why so many people connected to Guerrilla’s open-world action game was due to its writing. Now thanks to a great interview from Noclip, fans can learn more about how Horizon Zero Dawn was made. They recorded a 40+ minute discussion with Horizon Zero Dawn writer John Gonzalez going into story elements and the creative process.

Check out the extended interview with Horizon Zero Dawn writer John Gonzalez below:

For more on Guerrilla Games’ latest title, check out our Horizon Zero Dawn review. Here’s a snippet of what Paulmichael Contreras had to say about the open-world role-playing game:

Horizon Zero Dawn is an early contender for game of the year. Guerrilla Games has outdone themselves, in astounding fashion. This is a glorious game, the result of a team of masterful artisans who not only had a story that they wished to tell, but a world that was living inside of them which they wanted to share with us all. Now, we get to play inside their creation, and it is a breathtaking experience to behold. A massive, open world filled with equally massive, terrifying robots, juxtaposed against the beauty of the Earth, nature fighting back the darkness as it tends to do. Horizon Zero Dawn is the kind of game you play to get lost in, and can be enjoyed by players of all types. This could be the beginning of a stellar franchise, and there is something for everyone here. If you own a PS4, you owe it to yourself to give Horizon Zero Dawn a go.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now exclusively for PlayStation 4.