Gran Turismo Sport to Receive an Update Soon, 10 New Cars Teased

Gran Turismo Sport producer Kaz Yamauchi has announced that a new update is coming to the game this week. Although he revealed no further details, he did tease the upcoming content with this tweet:

Fans have identified the ten new cars as follows (via Reddit):

Top : Ferrari 330 P3, Jaguar XJ13, Ford GT40

Middle : Ferrari 308 GTS, First Generation Viper, F1, Toyota 2000GT

Bottom : Toyota FT1, MK4 Supra, Lamborghini Diablo

The update is likely to include fixes and improvements so stay tuned for the patch notes. As usual, we’ll notify our readers when it’s live.

For information on previous updates, check out our game hub.

Haven’t had a chance to play Gran Turismo Sport yet? Make sure to read our review. Calling it a “technical marvel,” PlayStation LifeStyle’s Tyler Treese wrote:

GT Sport does a few things exceptionally well (you won’t find a better looking and playing racing game), but it ultimately left me wanting more content out of it. Hopefully over time, either through updates or DLC, the size and scope of it will be expanded, but for now players can enjoy some incredible racing, even if it’s quite limited.

Polyphony certainly seems committed to those updates!