Monster Hunter World Ultimate?! Details Talked About by the Game’s Director

Fans are trembling in both excitement and anxiety as the massive success of Monster Hunter: World is evident for the past two months. Rumors about Capcom releasing the next big thing after a vanilla Monster Hunter game is spreading like wildfire. If you do not know what I’m talking about, it’s the Japanese “G” and Western “Ultimate” versions of a Monster Hunter game. These “newer” versions of the game feature new monsters, new QoL, and the addition of the “G-rank.”

Don’t fret, dear players! Monster Hunter: World Director Yuya Tokuda dismissed these rumors in favor of telling everybody that they will focus on the current game. They don’t want to talk about any of the existing rumors at the moment.

According to him:

We’re focused on supporting the game as it exists now with ongoing post-launch updates and DLC. We’ll regularly be adding new content and features through updates, and are working on new quests as well. We just released our first major title update which saw the return of classic monster Deviljho, which all Monster Hunter: World players can play for free. There’s plenty more in the works, so stay tuned for more news!

In response to the improvement of QoL of MHW, Tokuda also made some statements about them. Players often said a lot of things regarding the small weirdness in online play. He said:

User feedback is obviously a really important thing to us, as it helps us learn a lot. We often discover new bugs or issues with gameplay that couldn’t have occurred to us, and we’ve tried to respond to feedback as quickly as we can. We made the game as user-friendly as we could within the constraints of development schedule and budget, but we knew there was more we could have done, so we’ve tried to work out what we can improve through updates, what we can alleviate with messaging, and what we should do better with for future titles.

With this, players should feel reassured that Monster Hunter: World won’t be out the gaming scene for quite some time.

[Source: Gaming Bolt,Game Spot]