Sega FES 2018 Announcement

Sega Teases Big Plans for FES 2018

It appears Sega has been cooking something big, and it’s ready to serve it at Sega Festival 2018.

The event, which takes place this April 14 in Tokyo, is likely to see several big announcements as teased by the company recently. Its biggest reveal could be a new entry in Sonic’s main racing series, which Sega had also teased with the sound of a car engine along with a headlight back in March.

Considering Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was released back in 2012, many fans are expecting a brand new release after all these years. Some gamers would also like to see the hedgehog compete against the popular Mario Kart, and Sega might just be inclined to agree.

In related news, both Sega of America and Sega Europe had recently posted a short tweet in preparation for tomorrow’s big event. That said, whatever they have planned is really anyone’s guess at this point.

Sega had also announced Sonic Mania Plus recently, which consists of a physical release of last year’s digital-only entry. This updated version adds a new game mode along with two more characters, Mighty and Ray. An enhanced multiplayer mode also sees players competing with each other in fierce, four-player battles. In addition, players receive a 32-page art book, holographic packaging, along with a retro-inspired cover.

Finally, Sega is reportedly working with Puma to release Sonic-inspired sneakers. All in all, it appears the company really does have a lot of news planned for the event.

What are you personally hoping Sega announces? We’ll be sure to release new information as it becomes available during Sega Festival 2018.

[Via: GameSpot]