gungrave vr western release

XSEED and Marvelous Reaches Beyond the Grave for Their First VR Western Release


XSEED Games has announced that they will be publishing a diverse line-up of games, including their very first VR release on western shores. Gungrave VR, a title released late last year on Japan, will be hitting the west this year. The game included HTC Vive and Oculus Rift versions together with the PSVR version.

The game showcases the return of Yasuhiro Nightow, creator of Trigun, with the help of the original Gungrave designers at Red Entertainment. With the original Gungrave game debuting in 2004, character designs for Grave and Mika will get a thorough upgrade after 14 years.

Here’s quick storyline synopsis about the game, courtesy of XSEED and Marvelous:

About Gungrave VR

Following the battle against the Orgmen—creatures transformed by the mysterious drug, SEED—Mika Asagi has tracked the manufacturing of the narcotic (along with a whole new Orgman infestation) to South City. With the city streets overrun by these newly formed creatures, Mika requests the assistance of Beyond the Grave (Grave, for short), waking him from 14 years of rest after his previous battle. She hopes for him to use his power to help rid the city streets of the Orgman threat and stop the flow of SEED once and for all.

Gungrave VR lets players take control of Grave from the Gungrave franchise, still using his iconic dual guns, Cerberus. There will be different play styles for him, as the game requires mastery of combat in multiple perspectives. There will be free-moving third-person modes, and first-person modes, both in stationary and mobile combat forms.

Attacks include (but are not limited to):

  • A wide array of shooting attacks
  • Melee combat using Grave’s coffin
  • Bullet Time

There will also be three difficulty levels for Gungrave VR, namely Normal, Hard, and Kick-ass.

A broad language support function is also available for the game. There will be full English and Japanese voice modes available. In-game text support includes English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

Gungrave VR will see a release in the Fall of 2018 for the PlayStation VR.