Unravel Two PS4 Demo

Unravel Two Playable Demo This Week on PS4

You could say that this year’s E3 had a few cool presentations and a few interesting games lined-up. The truth of the matter is that the show was known to be better in the past. Apart from a variety of sequels and a few new announcements, you could say that EA’s Unravel Two (the full release) was just about the only genuine surprise at the show. We’ve already had the pleasure of playing the game – here’s what we thought of it.

Let’s face it, rarely do publishers step onto the E3 stage and say: “hey, there’s a new game … oh and it’s already here, so you can buy it now.” Today, EA has confirmed that a playable demo for the delightful little platformer is now available at the PlayStation Store. Yep, this means that gamers can give it a try before they make the purchase.

If you’re eager to try out the demo, you should know that it contains the game’s first two levels. Gamers can choose to play solo or in co-op with a friend to play together. Players can enjoy 10 hours of playtime, before they make the decision about buying the full game. The demo will be available until the June 30, 2018.

Anybody interested in giving this a shot?

[Source: Destructoid]