Blizzard Details Wrecking Ball, the New Overwatch Hero

After unveiling the new Overwatch hero earlier today, Blizzard has finally pulled the curtain back, giving us a full, in-depth look at Hammond, or as he’ll be known in the game, Wrecking Ball. Alongside how he’ll play and what to expect from him, Blizzard has officially released his origin story (above) as well, detailing just how a cute hamster could end up piloting a deadly, rolling mech.

As fans had theorized, Hammond – like Winston – was one of the many animals experimented on at Horizon Lunar Colony. During his time there, Hammond quickly grew more intelligent and he quickly broke free of his captivity. Now, he’s off on his own, exploring the wild world of Overwatch in his escape pod turned rolling tank.

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As a player, Wrecking Ball will come equipped with quad cannons that act as his primary method of attack, the ability to turn into a ball and roll around, gaining movement speed as he does, and most interestingly, a grappling hook that will allow him to swing himself across the map, acting as a wrecking ball of sorts as he tries to take down opposing heroes. His ultimate, Piledriver, allows him to slam into the ground and launch enemies skyward.

For Overwatch players on the PC, Wrecking Ball is available now on the Overwatch PTR. For everyone else, you’ll likely have to wait a bit, but you can read up on more of the cuddly new hero by heading over to the Overwatch website.