Gran Turismo Sport New Track Possibly Teased for July Update

Fancy screeching onto a new stretch of tarmac in one of the PS4’s best-looking games? You’re in luck. A Gran Turismo Sport new track is looking increasingly likely thanks to the emergence of a cryptic ten-second teaser (which you can see below) offering us a glimpse at a landscape worthy of rattling around corners at 90mph.

While Gran Turismo Sport already houses 20 tracks, including the iconic Le Mans venue, as well as the Monza track in Italy, among others, you can never have too many locations. Many criticisms of the game, in fact, stem from a lack of content compared to its predecessors, so Polyphony look to be making amends in spades since its October 2017 release.

The short clip, which opens on an idyllic, possibly Nordic lake with a mountain poking through the early-morning air is brief but oh-so-tantalizing. There’s even a bridge in the distance, the biggest hint yet that we’re getting our first Gran Turismo Sport new track since February’s update.

The new update, which Polyphony promise is headed our way at the end of July, could be the beginning of a racing renaissance for the once all-dominating series. See you out on the track.

[Source: Gran Turismo Sport on Twitter]