Rumored Season 2 Pass Means You May Not Be Done Paying for Tekken 7 Content

Tekken 7 has definitely followed the trend of ongoing game support but it doesn’t come free, minus that one year anniversary celebration. Tekken 7‘s Season Pass, priced at $24.99, gave players three waves of DLC: including a new game mode, various special stages, additional costumes, and extra characters. Season passes were originally designed to allow players to purchase all the DLC, before it was announced, for a lower price than what each individual DLC costs. But recent trends mean multiple seasons are on the table. So it looks like even folks will have more to buy soon.

According to a Japanese release schedule listing, it looks like a second season of content is on its way.

The listing states that a welcome price edition of Tekken 7 will soon launch in Japan, and it’ll come with a discount coupon for the game’s first and second season pass. We’ve yet to even hear about a second season pass but this tells us there’s likely one on the way. Rumor has it, this tweet regarding the release schedule was a leak. And with Evo 2018 coming up, this seems like the perfect timing.

What do you want to see from a season 2 pass for Tekken 7? Or are you not a fan of DLC at all? Let us know it the comments below.

[Source: Push Square]