Dragon Ball FighterZ is the Hottest Fighter at Evo 2018

There have been all sorts of cool announcements for Evo 2018, not the least of which was the news that we’ll finally be getting a playable version of Dead or Alive 6 at the show this year. The hottest scoop at the moment is that Dragon Ball FighterZ is officially the most popular game at the 2018 Evo fighting game tournament. The Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament is indeed hot right now! The announcement was made by Evolution Championship Series co-founder Joey Cuellar. Word is that the anime-flavored fighting game, from Arc System Works and Bandai Namco, has 2,530 registered entrants, Cuellar tweeted.

What’s more, Street Fighter 5Arcade Edition, has 2,421 registered entrants, Cuellar said. Normally, when Evo kicks off the most played game at the show is from Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise. Check it out:

Cuellar also pointed out that in April that Dragon Ball FighterZ attracted quite a huge crowd at Evo 2018, saying it a “big lead” over its competitors. Meanwhile, Tekken 7 is in third spot, with 1,504 registered players.

Overall, those are some impressive numbers. It’s good to know that people still appreciate fighting games so much. Okay, compared to last year’s figures, Street Fighter 5, for instance, 2,622 registered players at Evo 2017.

Just to remind you lot, Evo 2018 is going to take place Aug. 3-5 in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

[Source: Polygon]