Battlefield Writer Breaks Down Battlefield V Trailer

Yesterday, EA and DICE released an intense trailer for Battlefield V, called Devastation of Rotterdam. Today, EA posted an article written by one of the game’s writers, Jeff Landa. Landa’s article broke down the trailer piece by piece, talking about what parts of the game are shown off in the various sequences. Yes, that includes a confirmation that the giant, horrible ring of fire towards the end was a look at Battlefield V‘s Battle Royale mode.

One of the biggest revelations of the breakdown is the formal introduction of four new maps, all of which are shown in the trailer. First is the lovely Rotterdam map, which is of course modeled after the city’s state in 1940. Then there’s the Devastation map, which is how Rotterdam looked in the latter half of 1940. Both of these maps will be part of a Grand Operation, called the Battle of Holland.

The other two maps are Twisted Steel and Hamada. Twisted Steel is set during the invasion of France, and Hamada is one of two North African maps and is a site of many different battles from 1941 – 1942.

Landa points to several new movement options shown in the trailer, including jumping, sliding, and vaulting. Soldiers can more more fluidly than before, able to maneuver around obstacles in order to help allies or get out of trouble.

The other big reveal is of course, the Battle Royale imagery. Landa is coy about it, referring to the dramatic image as a “sneak peek.” He reconfirms the mode is coming to Battlefield V after launch, and that “Battle Royale will never be the same.”

Battlefield V released for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC on October 19, 2018. Origin Access Premier members will be able to play on October 11, and those who purchase the Deluxe Edition will be able to hop in on October 16.

[Source: EA]