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The First Image of General Greivous in Star Wars Battlefront II Supposedly Leaks

Star Wars fans knew the cyborg Dark Jedi General Grievous was coming to Star Wars Battlefront II. He was revealed as part of DICE and EA’s planned roadmap for its post-launch updates for the game. Grievous is set to release later in October 2018, however, fans may have gotten an early peek at his in-game appearance.

An internet sleuther from (where else?) Reddit leaked the image, showing Grievous in all of his four-armed glory. Check it out here:

Leaked image of General Grievous in Battlefront 2 from r/StarWarsLeaks

Yep, it sure looks like General Grievous, all right. If this is a legit image, it definitely shows how graphically impressive Star Wars Battlefront II is (which we already knew). It could even be said that Grievous in Battlefront II looks better than Grievous from the Star Wars films!

We’ll get a better look at Grievous in action when he gets added to the game later in the month. There is the question of how his four lightsabers will affect game balance, but surely DICE has a solution for that in mind.

Grievous isn’t the only character set to be added to Star Wars Battlefront II. The following month, November 2018, will see Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi joining the shooter. That month will also see the addition of Geonosis, which was a focal point during the Clone Wars. 2019 will see the addition of a “non-linear” sandbox mode.

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