Marvel’s Spider-Man Platinum Trophy Holders Are Being Rewarded

Marvel’s Spider-Man is kind of a big deal. There’s DLC coming through. There’re so many broken records. The whole dang video gaming world is ablaze with Spider-Mania. So it makes sense that so many fans are chasing that platinum trophy, especially since it’s a relatively fair chase. Today, emails from PlayStation started rolling out, presenting the Marvel’s Spider-Man platinum trophy-holding members of the community with a little something extra for their troubles.

If you have the Marvel’s Spider-Man platinum trophy, check your PlayStation Network-affiliated email for the subject line of, “Saving The City From Super Villains? Check.” Within this email will be a congratulatory message celebrating your efforts in the game, as well as a code for an exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man PlayStation Network avatar. That image at the top of the article is what said avatar looks like. Not bad!

It’s worth noting that when this was first rolling out a few hours ago, many fans received an email with an empty rectangle in place of an actual code for redemption. However, users have been reporting that they received a second email later addressing the error. So make sure to search your inbox accordingly.

Did you get the platinum, and/or the avatar email? Plan to use it? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter]