Gungrave VR release date

Gungrave VR Unleashes Actual Bullet Hell This December

Gungrave VR, which publisher Xseed games is promoting as the company’s first fully VR release, now has a release date of December 11, 2018. A bridge of sorts to the upcoming Gungrave G.O.R.E., this title changes perspective between first and third-person action sequences. And to sweeten the deal, Xseed Games has announced multiple release schemes for Gungrave VR, including a physical version.

On day one, Xseed Games is also publishing Gungrave VR U.N., which is a standalone expansion of the first game, an episode 2 of sorts. This is where the multiple release configurations come in. In both digital form and at retail, Xseed Games will sell the Loaded Coffin Edition, which includes both the original game and expansion, and will cost $39.99.

Digital customers can also opt to purchase the content piecemeal. Gungrave VR by itself will cost $29.99, and Gungrave VR U.N. will cost $14.99. Again, Gungrave VR U.N. does not require the first part to play. All digital preorders will come with a Loaded Coffin Edition PS4 theme.

Gungrave VR will launch with both Japanese and English voices. Gungrave VR U.N. adds three new levels, with a new sidescrolling gameplay style, and new opening and ending animation. And, of course, both games feature character design work from Trigun creator Yasuhiro Nightow.