Learn Some of the Many Ways to Eliminate Sean Bean in Hitman 2

Since its first installment with 2000’s Hitman: Codename 47, Hitman has offered players creative tools for eliminating high profile targets. That trend has continued in Hitman 2. As further proof of this, IO Interactive has released a mission briefing video highlighting the many ways 47 can kill his newest target, Sean Bean’s Mark Faba.

Diana Burnwood briefs Agent 47 in the video below:

A disgraced MI5 agent turned hitman-for-hire, Mark Faba, aka “The Undying,” has been on the International Contract Agency (ICA) hit list for quite a while. Over a dozen times he’s been reported dead. Yet, each time, Faba somehow continues to survive. It’s up to Agent 47 to put him down once and for all.

There are several ways in which the assassination of this Elusive Target can be tackled. Faba is meeting with clients about a new target in the Miami Bayside Center. As Diana explains in the trailer, the ICA has a man on the inside capable of granting 47 access. Of course, players have other possible entry points to choose from. Or, players can opt to avoid the center entirely. Perching atop a vantage point near the race track, sniper rifle in hand, is another perfectly viable plan. There are seemingly countless others.

It’s worth noting, however, that players will only receive one chance to eliminate the target. For instance, if 47 dies during the mission, Faba will once again have escaped death.

All Hitman 2 owners can now access the first Elusive Target mission for free.