Sean Bean to Die (Again) in Hitman 2

Hitman 2 has its first Elusive Target, and IO Interactive went for a big name. Sean Bean (Game of ThronesThe Lord of the Rings) has been tapped to play one of the many heads in Agent 47’s cross-hairs. Yes, Sean Bean is probably going to die yet again. Let’s all mourn for him now.

In Hitman 2, Bean will play former MI5 agent Mark Faba, aka “The Undying” (which is also the name of the mission), who now acts as an assassin. Notorious for his ability to fake his death, Faba has become a target of the International Contract Agency (ICA). Only one man can stop him, and I bet you can guess who that is.

Check out the live-action trailer starring Sean Bean here:

Player are also encouraged to vote on an exclusive weapon that will unlock during Hitman 2. The unorthodox choices include a pen, a robot, and earphones. You can vote on the weapon here.

Elusive Targets are special, limited-time missions for Agent 47. “The Undying” will be available on November 20, 2018, one week after Hitman 2 launches. The mission will only be available for ten days, after which it will be unavailable. These missions allow you one try only, so if you fail, you’re out of luck.

Hitman 2 just unveiled its 1v1 mode, Ghost Mode. In addition, the competitive Sniper Assassin mode will be available to anyone who preorders. We also got to get our hands on Hitman 2, and we called our time with it “a good sign of things to come.”

Hitman 2, which recently went gold, releases on November 13, 2018, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.