Here’s What’s Going Down on Amazon’s Cyber Monday Stream for Kingdom Hearts III

During Amazon’s Black Friday stream today, which was hosted by Kinda Funny Games, we learned a bit about what to expect from next week’s Cyber Monday stream. Specifically, we learned what to expect in terms of Kingdom Hearts III announcements.

For now, you can check out the archive of the Black Friday stream if you missed it, put it on full screen, and see what a physical Kingdom Hearts III case looks like in real life. As wild as that might be for longtime fans, Monday is when the information comes.

On Monday, the Kinda Funny Games crew will be back to premiere a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, which will apparently be a worldwide debut. Following that, some sort of exclusive DLC announcement will be made. Finally, Twitch Prime subscribers will also receive some sort of bonus. So, if you have Twitch Prime (which comes with Amazon prime) and you’re excited about Kingdom Hearts III, you definitely don’t want to miss Amazon’s Cyber Monday stream.

Of course, time is winding down towards Kingdom Hearts III‘s January 25, 2019 release date. most recently, Tetsuya Nomura himself took to social media to announce the game has gone gold, so the delay jokes can finally all move on to Final Fantasy VII exclusively.

Source: Amazon via Twitch