Yet Another Rumor Suggests Rocksteady Is Developing a Superman Game

While the most recent round of rumors pointed at Rocksteady developing a Justice League title, new speculation suggests the Man of Steel as the new project’s star. A listing for Superman: World’s Finest has appeared on the Game System Requirements website. It’s difficult to discern the veracity of such a listing. However, the title does line up with promotional material that hit the web before E3 2018.

ResetEra member est1992 posted a link to the Game System Requirements’ website. In their posting, est1992 noted that the website has strict rules about what games its users can add to listings. Consequentially, titles that seem as though they belong on the site (Half Life 3, GTA VI, Bloodborne 2) don’t appear. Yet, Superman: World’s Finest has its own page. Furthermore, est1992 explained that Devil May Cry 5 appeared on the website one month ahead of the E3 2018 reveal. This seems to provide proof that at least on one occasion, listings on Game System Requirments have been right.

Of course, this once again caused a wave of confusion. If Rocksteady is hard at work on a DC game, is it a Justice League or Superman project? Based on the World’s Finest moniker, it could very well be both. In the Golden and Silver Ages of comics, World’s Finest was a series that typically starred Superman and Batman. Years into the series’ run, other heroes began rotating in and out of the line up. The title has also been used in other media. Most notably, a three-episode arc of Superman: The Animated Series, “World’s Finest,” saw the Man of Steel and Dark Knight meet in the DC Animated Universe for the first time.

With The Game Awards set to air on December 6, 2018, it’s possible the Game System Requirements listing is a precursor to a larger announcement. As many may recall, the Video Game Awards hosted by Spike TV aired Batman: Arkham City’s premiere trailer in 2010. But who knows when Rocksteady will finally be prepared to unveil its work? If the timing wasn’t right for E3 2018, the wait for concrete details may persist.

[Source: ResetEraGame System Requirements]