Star Wars Battlefront II Concept Art

See the Stunning Concept Art That Shaped Star Wars Battlefront II

EA has released a stunning collection of Star Wars Battlefront II concept art and it just goes to show how talented the group at DICE truly is. The collection features twenty-four images, all depicting the various locations and “set-pieces” within the game.

Daniel Steinholtz, a DICE Editorial Writer, offered the following statement with the artwork:

At DICE, we take a lot of pride in the visuals going into our games. Of course, tech contributes a lot with Frostbite being a powerful game engine, but the high level of visual fidelity wouldn’t be possible without a collaborative effort, spanning talent across different fields.

In Star Wars Battlefront II, a stellar-looking environment is never down to just a couple of artists, but rather to different crafts working together as a team. That’s the only way we can achieve the standards we set for our games.

Much of the art has a painterly feel, giving the illusion of brushstrokes on canvas. It’s absolutely fascinating to see our favorite Star Wars settings done in this style, and it works surprisingly well. In addition, there are a couple of less complete images, depicting a specific set, such as a section of a Star Destroyer or a rough sketch of the space dock on Mos Eisley.

Interestingly enough, the concept art team at DICE is intertwined throughout the entire creation process, making sure that the vision is fully realized. If you love Star Wars, beautiful art, or both, do yourself a favor and check out this collection.

[Source: EA]