playstation branded carry-on luggage

Soon You’ll Be Able to Purchase Carry-On Luggage With Official PlayStation Branding

Want to travel in style, while simultaneously showing off your love of PlayStation? Good Smile Company has you covered with its PlayStation-branded carry-on luggage. There are three options from which to choose. Either bring home the PlayStation Symbols version, the PlayStation Logo version, or the PlayStation Mark version.

All three versions of the luggage are black, with PlayStation’s white logo adorning each of the four wheels. The PlayStation Symbols version features the four sacred symbols on the front of the luggage. On the inside are the symbols and logos, all bearing the classic red, yellow, green, and blue color scheme. Meanwhile, the PlayStation Mark version has the “PS” logo embossed on the front. The inside of the luggage is covered in white symbols and white logos. The PlayStation Logo version features “PlayStation” going down the side of the luggage’s front. Its inside looks identical to that of the PlayStation Mark luggage.

Since Good Smile Company is a Japan-based shop, the cost is only known in Yen. Those interested will spend ¥17,500 on the luggage before tax, according to the company’s official website. The luggage is expected to release sometime in May 2019.

For fans living elsewhere in the world, Good Smile Company does have “partner shops” in the Americas, Europe, other Asian territories, and Oceania. The company’s website provides a handy listing of each shop’s location.

This is but another way for fans to show their love of PlayStation to the world. Recently, PlayStation teamed with Pottery Barn to debut PlayStation-inspired home décor. Additionally, God of War fans can purchase art prints from art dealers Cook and Becker.

[Source: Good Smile Company]