Here’s What You Can Expect From Left Alive’s Online and New Game Plus Modes

As previously promised, more information about Left Alive is finally bubbling to the surface. On the heels of a story trailer teasing the Garmoniyan Invasion, Square Enix has released details concerning the game’s online components and New Game Plus mode.

With regards to online play, Left Alive will feature a “Heat Map Display” that players can access when connecting online. The display’s purpose is to highlight “where other players have died.” Like some of the online elements featured in Dark Souls, the Heat Map Display essentially warns players to be careful in certain areas.

Additionally, while playing online, players will encounter a set number of “war dead bodies.” These bodies will appear in spaces where other players have perished and may have loot items stored on them. There’s a riskiness in choosing to loot the war dead, however. The danger that caused the other player’s death may lurk nearby. Moreover, the area itself could present deadly challenges. Players will have to determine for themselves whether looting the war dead bodies is worth the potential risk.

As noted above, Square Enix has also unveiled information about Left Alive’s New Game Plus mode. The company explained what to expect from New Game Plus with the following:

In Left Alive, there is a “New Game+” mode in which you restart the game from Chapter 01 with various strengthened abilities. Elements that can be strengthened are limited since they can be redeemed for points, but by gradually playing through the game multiple times, you should be able to expand your strategies for clearing each stage and more easily handle sub-quests you could not clear in previous playthroughs.

Left Alive will launch on the PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 28, 2019. Square Enix plans to release the title on March 5th in North America and Europe.

[Source: Square Enix via Wccftech]