See How the Garmoniyan Invasion Upsets the World of Left Alive

We don’t know much about Left Alive’s story, but we do know it revolves around a single event, which is a war that’s tearing apart the Russian city of Nova Slava. Square Enix has now offered a glimpse at the inciting incident, which is referred to as the Garmoniyan Invasion.

At the start of the trailer, a phone message from an unidentified caller suggested the Garmoniyan Invasion took people in Left Alive’s world by surprise. Furthermore, throughout the trailer, the Garmoniyan arrival was shown to be abrupt. Camouflaged war planes blasted across the city’s snow-filled night sky. Another segment showed what are presumably weaponized mechs being brought online. Meanwhile, soldiers took positions throughout Nova Slava’s streets and across rooftops.

Near the trailer’s end, Leonid, one of Left Alive’s three protagonists, exited a crashed weaponized mech. However, the other two main characters, Mikhail and Olga, did not appear in this video. It’ll be interesting to see how the latter two characters are weaved into what’s left of the game’s marketing push.

As of late, Square Enix has been more forthcoming with Left Alive-related content. For example, a recent glimpse at gameplay showed off what to expect from stealth and combat situations. That same trailer also showed some of the choices we’ll get to make. To celebrate the new year, Left Alive developers shared concept art from the upcoming release, along with the promise that more information is on the horizon. So far, that promise is holding true.

Left Alive will be released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 28, 2019. Square Enix will launch the title in North America and Europe on March 5, 2019.