Check Your Emails for the Latest PS4 Update Beta Invites

It seems PlayStation 4 firmware update 6.50 testing is underway in the form of a beta, and invites are allegedly going out right now. This means you could have an important email waiting for you! Members involved in testing the firmware updates can leave feedback on the beta forum. This update is supposedly a lot like the last, as it will offer stability and performance fixes.

The previous major firmware update, 6.0, was met with some slight disappointment, since the whole numbers usually indicate the inclusion of a more substantial feature. With 6.50, you can look forward to “fine-tuning the performance and stability improvements the update brings.” After the disappointment of update 6.0, Sony has been more upfront with what to expect from each update moving forward, in an attempt to temper expectations.

One feature that is substantial is the inclusion of PSN name changes, which beta users have had access to for a while now. With it, you should be able to change your PSN name once for free and for $10.00 after, with PS Plus subscribers getting a discount and $5.00 name changes.

According to the PlayStation Blog, PSN name changes should roll-out for the general public in early 2019, so we can all look forward to that. It is worth noting that PSN name changes have been causing some problems with data loss, from purchases to saves, so members are encouraged to be aware of these possible issues.

Firmware update 6.50 should be available to download soon, if you aren’t part of the beta program. With it being an update focusing on system stability, don’t expect anything too noteworthy.

[Source: GameSpot]