Director Says Anthem May Be the Decade’s ‘Most Emotional Shooter’

Anthem’s been called everything from a blatant Destiny clone to a disappointing departure for BioWare. In recent months, the studio has done its best to refute these claims. Anthem’s development began before Destiny’s initial 2014 launch, and that classic BioWare DNA will still be evident in some respects. Apparently, the studio believes players will be able to find an emotional connection to what’s on offer in Anthem, similar to its other beloved projects. Perhaps it’ll even be emotional enough to warrant praise as this decade’s “most emotional shooter.”

In an interview with EDGE Magazine, Game Director Jonathan Warner claimed Anthem may be the decade’s “most emotional shooter.” According to him, it was integral for BioWare to fill the game with an emotional resonance, since such experiences are those that players will most likely remember for years to come. Warner told EDGE,

[We might have] the most emotional shooter of our decade! Games you don’t connect with emotionally are not games that you end up talking about years later. To me, that is the delight of making games, because I know that somewhere some young person is going to pick up Anthem and play it, and it is going to be that game for them. It’ll be their game. That’s such an amazing privilege.

It can sound so pretentious to say, “We really want you to emotionally connect to this game.” I do, but I want it to connect to lots of different people emotionally in different ways – whether it’s a touching story, or a character that you particularly love, or an adventure that you tell your friends about, or whether it’s just that adrenaline rush. It’s all emotional.

How Anthem’s emotional depth will play out during the actual experience remains to be seen. However, in the past, BioWare has teased that much of the narrative’s forward movement will take place in Fort Tarsis. This settlement is where players will make story-altering choices, meet new characters, and more. Soon enough, players will be able to determine for themselves whether BioWare’s latest emotionally resonates.

Anthem’s public demo is now live across all platforms and will comes to a close on February 3rd. For most, the full game will launch later this month for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 22nd.

Source: EDGE Magazine via Wccftech]