Devil May Cry Director Chose to Make DMC5 Before Dragon’s Dogma 2

Fans of Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma have long waited for the title to receive a proper sequel. The original release hit store shelves in May 2012, and instantly gained a cult following. In an alternate universe, perhaps, fans already have their hands on Dragon’s Dogma 2, since Capcom once placed a fork in the road for director Hideaki Itsuno. When prompted to choose between Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon’s Dogman 2, Itsuno elected to develop a new DMC first.

Itsuno shared this intriguing detail during an interview with VG247, where he explained his desire to work on either of the two. When he sat down with Capcom founder Kenzo Tsujimoto to discuss the matter, Tsujimoto told him to go with whichever project he wanted. Obviously, Itsuno chose Devil May Cry 5. Through a translator, Itsuno told VG247,

So, when the discussion came up for Devil May Cry 5, I went to Kenzo and I said… look, I want to make either Devil May Cry 5 or Dragon’s Dogma 2 next. He said “okay, do whatever you want. Do whichever one you want.” So I thought, alright, y’know what… let’s do DMC5. So we did that.

Those holding out hope for another Dragon’s Dogma shouldn’t lose that hope, however. Itsuno noted he has ideas for a sequel. With development on DMC5 finishing, does Dragon’s Dogma 2 now stand a chance? It doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility. Itsuno said, “Here we are – we’re now finishing up DMC5. But I had ideas for Dragon’s Dogma 2 at the time as well. So here we are, it’s the end of this project.” According to VG247, Itsuno grinned at the last line.

The director also added that his next project is already being prepped. Of course, he wouldn’t divulge what the project is, though. He continued,

I’ve always got maybe around four different titles in mind, maybe about four different ideas that I’d love to make. But there’s a difference between the titles that I’d love to make and the titles that I think I should make next. But here we are, we’re here, and… I’m already gearing up for my next project. We can’t say what it is, but we’re looking forward to getting to work on it.

Though the wait for Dragon’s Dogma 2 persists, Devil May Cry 5 will arrive on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on March 8, 2019.

[Source: VG247]