Is the Anthem Roadmap Behind Schedule?

A recent report from Forbes notes that Anthem’s Roadmap could be falling behind. According to the report, BioWare was supposed to have a livestream on April 17th giving the community details about the future of the game, patches, and more on the new Stronghold, the Sunken. But after a fiber line was cut at their office, this prevented them from being able to go through with it and has postponed the the livestream until next week, on April 23rd.

This has left the community somewhat in the dark and when we’re still supposed to get a substantial amount of content this month, that’s not good. According to the Roadmap, there’s a lot that’s still headed to Anthem before May. If you notice, many of these pieces of content are mysterious, since BioWare hasn’t given us much information about them.

There are things like an expanded progression system, new rewards, several new Freeplay events, and new Legendary Missions from Phase II. Anthem is also supposed to get a new Weekly Stronghold Challenge, Leaderboards, and Guilds. All of this is planned to drop in April and, since we don’t have much more of the month left, some are concerned that things might be off schedule.

The Forbes report points out that it’s possible that all of this content could be crammed into the last week of April, but it seems odd that we still haven’t heard more about it. If the team at BioWare is falling behind, it might be a good idea to let the community know, since many fans are still expecting content per the Roadmap.

It seems like Anthem just can’t catch a break — but hopefully it will eventually turn itself around and end up like so many shared world shooters a year or so after launch: “Actually fun now.” But by the look of things, who knows if it will end up that way.

[Source: Forbes]