Borderlands 3 Will Feature Alternate Modes of Fire and Degrading Cover

Gearbox officially revealed Borderlands 3 gameplay, showing off some new features and what the game looks like in action. The live presentation was streamed on Twitch and was played by one of the game’s developers for everyone to see, with Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford walking us through the demo. The presentation started right from the beginning of the game, giving a look at the tutorial and everyone’s favorite robot, Claptrap. One thing that stood out was how stunningly beautiful the game looks, with that timeless cel-shaded art style. But its beauty wasn’t the only thing that stood out: There are some new gameplay features that were shown.

First, we got a look at the new alternate fire modes, wherein a weapon will give you a bit more variety than in the past. The demo showed a smaller handgun that was able to shoot regular bullets, like you’d expect, but also massive explosive rounds. Both types of ammunition can be switched on the fly. This will allow for way more variety and allow you to adapt to different situations. Of course, wild guns are a staple of the Borderlands series.

While the player was running through the level, Pitchford mentioned the new inclusion of degrading cover. Objects you hide behind would eventually break down after enough shots from the enemy. This, again, will introduce an interesting dynamic to the game, pushing you into a bit more of a fast-paced mentality.

During the demo, Claptrap went down, and Pitchford let everyone know that you will be able revive AI companions, and they will be able to revive you. This will definitely make things more streamlined when playing.

There was a ton more shown off at the reveal, like a couple of different boss fights, various types of loot, and more. There’s a lot more Borderlands 3 info coming, so stay tuned!

[Source: Twitch Borderlands 3 Stream]