Battlefield V Getting Visibility Improvements in Light of Fan Feedback

DICE has announced that it’ll be improving player visibility in Battlefield V with a new update sometime in late May. Fans have been complaining about poor visibility across various settings, making it difficult to see the enemy. The developer acknowledged the issue, and said that its new visibility system will be more consistent across maps.

Here’s how it’ll all work, in DICE’s words:

The new system is capable of making soldiers properly visible in very dark and very bright environments, and allows for more consistent visibility across all environmental situations. The new system also better conserves the colors of a soldier’s uniform to prevent very dark or very bright uniforms from having an unintended gameplay advantage. This doesn’t mean your soldier’s uniform skins don’t matter. You’ll still want to ensure the camouflage you use matches the environment (greens for maps like Twisted Steel, tans and yellows for maps like Hamada) as this will still be the best choice. Previously, the darker uniforms were universally superior, creating an advantage for those that chose them.

DICE added that the upcoming changes are directly based on player feedback, and will maintain a “believable artistic and gameplay balance.” The developers have made sure that soldier outlines remain realistic and that the game’s artistic direction isn’t compromised.

In recent months, DICE has been working diligently to resolve player complaints. The studio has been regularly communicating with fans, going as far as holding monthly surveys to gauge interest and gather feedback.

“Your feedback is important and does help shape the changes we’re making, especially those relating to Quality of Life, please do keep it coming,” wrote the studio.

Battlefield V‘s visibility update doesn’t have a release date yet. DICE has said that it’ll share more information in due course so we’ll keep our readers posted.

[Source: Reddit]