This High-End Days Gone Statue Will Set You Back $380 and You Can Preorder it Now

If you wanted to show your love for the latest PS4 open world survival game, Days Gone, you might enjoy what Level52 Studios has in store for you. Sony Bend has partnered with Level52 to bring you a high-end Days Gone statue featuring the main character, Deacon slashing at one of the freakers in the game. It’s a highly detailed statue that stands almost 15 inches tall, and could be a great addition to your game room or office.

Sony Bend announced on Twitter that the statue is available to preorder from Gamestop now. It’s expected to release on July 15th, 2019.

Given that the quality of the statue is so high, the price tag is as well. For $379.99 (with free shipping. Celebrate the little wins), this statue can be yours. That might be too big of a chunk of change for many, but for the die-hard Days Gone fans, the price might be easier to swallow. One thing to note is that there are “VERY limited” quantities, according to Bend’s Twitter post, so if you want it, acting fast is advised. When buying through GameStop, you won’t get billed until the item has shipped, so keep that in mind, too.

Days Gone seems to be quite a divisive game, with many outlets’ review scores all over the board. Some suspect the timing of when review copies were sent out could have something to do with the issues reviewers were having, which was arguably too early. Days Gone has currently undergone seven patches, fixing technical issues that impacted the game in a great way. The 1.0 (up to 1.02) version that reviewers started with was flawed and in an unfinished state, apparently. Either way, we liked Days Gone a lot here, praising its length, audio, and those intense horde fights.

Do you plan on picking up the high-end Days Gone statue from Level52 Studios? Let us know!

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