Check Out This Sleek Limited-Edition Steel Gray PS4 for 2019’s Days of Play

During Sony’s second State of Play broadcast, the company announced a new edition to the PlayStation 4 family of consoles. To celebrate the upcoming Days of Play event in June, Sony will release a limited-edition Steel Gray PS4. The new 1TB model is slimmer and sleeker than its predecessors, and will launch with a matching DualShock 4. For now, details such as pricing and a potential release date have not yet been specified. However, its release will likely coincide with the Days of Play initiative. In addition, it’s currently unclear just how limited this new model will be.

Similar to the Days of Play console from 2018, PlayStation’s sacred symbols of the Square, Triangle, X, and Circle boldly grace the new console’s top layer. Get a closer look at the Steel Gray PlayStation 4 in the video below:

General specifics about 2019’s Days of Play remain sealed. Yet, PlayStation fans should expect a vast number of discounts, deals, and the like to be present throughout this year’s Days of Play. It’s likely Sony will begin to share more information in the coming weeks.

The second State of Play stream did not only show off a stylish new PlayStation 4, either. There were also a fair number of other interesting announcements. For instance, in the wake of Friday the 13th’s ambiguous future, Illfonic has announced plans to release an asymmetric Predator title, Predator: Hunting Grounds, which will launch exclusively on the PS4 in 2020. Iceborn DLC for Monster Hunter: World finally has a September 2019 release date. Speaking of release dates, MediEvil officially has one of its own; Sir Daniel Fortesque will rise once more later this year on October 25th. Another notable piece of information revolves around the long in development Final Fantasy VII remake. A new trailer was shown during the recent stream, with a promise that more details will surface in June.