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RAGE 2 Guides – Tips and Tricks on Upgrades, Fast Travel, Weapons, and More

RAGE 2 is finally out, combining the skills of id Software and Avalanche into one glorious mutant baby of a game. The action is fast-paced, frenetic, and fun. Our RAGE 2 guides will help you learn some of the aspects of the game that aren’t immediately obvious, such as how to repair your vehicle, how to upgrade weapons and abilities, how to fast travel, and more.

RAGE 2 Beginners Guide -Tips and Tricks

  • RAGE 2 Nanotrite Upgrades
    • Learn about the Nanotrite abilities in RAGE 2 and how to upgrade them to make them even better.
  • RAGE 2 Upgrade Your Vehicle
    • Your vehicle is a big part of getting around the open world. This guide will show you how to upgrade your vehicle to handle more of the wasteland.
  • RAGE 2 Vehicle Repair
    • Take your vehicle off of one to many cliffs? We teach you how to repair your vehicle and which items you need for it.
  • RAGE 2 Upgrade Weapons
    • The weapons in RAGE 2 are great, but what if they could be better? Right here we’ll show you how to upgrade those guns for even more explosive fun.
  • RAGE 2 Crafting Items
    • So you’ve collected a whole bunch of junk from the wasteland, now what? We’ll teach you how to craft items and make the most of all that scrap.
  • RAGE 2 Healing Guide
    • Staying alive is important if you want the carnage to continue, so we’ll teach you how to heal up and keep on killin’.
  • RAGE 2 Fast Travel Guide
    • It’s not immediately obvious how to traverse the map quickly, but there is a fast travel option in RAGE 2. We show you how to access it to get around more quickly.

Hopefully our guides help you master the wasteland and cause as much carnage as possible. Let us know if there are any other RAGE 2 guides you’d like us to do in the comments below.

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