Guillermo del Toro Will Not Provide Any Voice Acting in Death Stranding

The May 30, 2019 extensive Death Stranding trailer revealed even more members of its all-star cast. Hideo Kojima has amassed quite the assortment of A-listers for his newest game, including Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen. However, don’t expect to hear the voice of every announced cast member in this game. Kojima revealed that the recently-announced Nicolas Winding Refn and Guillermo del Toro, will only be present in the game via their 3D models. The actual performances will be done by different actors, though Kojima did not specify who.

Kojima gave the news on his Twitter account, where he also announced Refn’s role:

Notably, both are big-name film directors, so it’s entirely possible neither had time to take part in the production of Death Stranding. Refn is perhaps best known for the 2011 film Drive, starring Ryan Gosling. Del Toro is the Oscar-winning director of films like Pan’s Labyrinth and The Shape of Water. Refn’s character is known as Heartman, while del Toro’s character is named Deadman.

Del Toro has a long history with Kojima, spanning back to the since-axed Silent Hills. He was supposed to be involved with that game, though it’s unknown exactly what capacity. Del Toro later confirmed he was not involved creatively with Death Stranding. Now it appears that his involvement is only surface-level, literally.

Outside of its all-star cast, the newest Death Stranding trailer confirmed that it will be releasing on November 8, 2019 exclusively on the PlayStation 4. We also got a clearest look at gameplay yet, including its unique asynchronous multiplayer that allows you to “assist” other players.