Here Are a Few Details Not Mentioned in the Debut Trailer for People Can Fly’s Outriders

Nestled within Square Enix’s E3 2019 conference was the debut trailer for People Can Fly’s new shooter, Outriders. It was a good trailer, intriguing even, yet it left much to be desired. The trailer offered very little information about the game itself. In a seeming effort to quell some of the confusion surrounding the co-op title, People Can Fly posted a new video to the Outriders YouTube account, detailing a few things people should know about the experience.

One of the more obvious bits of information offered in the video concerns details about the development team at People Can Fly. Another reiterates that Outriders will allow for drop-in, drop-out co-op that supports up to three players. Most interesting, however, is a brief note about “the signal,” which garners a tease of sorts in the E3 2019 trailer. In the trailer, the lead character holds tight to a radio, a “signal receiving device.” Apparently, this signal is what drives the characters throughout the game, and will be significant to the Outriders’ journey overall.

The world of Outriders is also succinctly delved into. People Can Fly’s latest takes place in the future on a planet called Enoch, a desolate hellscape. Enoch’s barren lands aren’t completely void of life, though. Massive creatures roam about as well, one of which can be seen in the debut trailer. For now, the developer intends to remain tightlipped on how these behemoths factor into Outriders.

The ability for players to create their own character seems another aspect of Outriders that may have been lost in the shuffle of E3. Based on the three Outriders shown in the trailer, the character creation system appears as though it will be fairly varied. The potential depth of the customization has not yet been detailed, however.

See the full video below:

Outriders does not yet have a concrete release date, but it is slated for release in summer 2020 for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.