The Outer Worlds’ Harder Difficulty Levels Feature Permadeath for Companions

Like a slew of other RPGs, Obisidian’s The Outer Worlds will feature multiple difficulty levels. Players should expect the typical difficulties of easy, hard, etc. The tougher modes, however, will offer something a little different. According to Senior Narrative Director, Megan Starks, the Supernova difficulty will kick things up a notch by implementing permadeath for companions and a few other restrictions.

Starks touched on this during a recent interview with Wccftech. In outlining The Outer Worlds‘ varied difficulty levels, one of which includes a Story mode for those uninterested in combat, Starks explained the following,

…we do have a Supernova mode. The game has different difficulties, basically what you would expect, like Normal, Hard, et cetera. We also have the Story mode, which is for people who really don’t want to deal with combat and just want to experience the story.

And then we also have Supernova, which is our hardest difficulty mode. You do have permadeath there with your companions. And there are some restrictions, I think you have to go back to your ship to use consumables. And then also, if you’re offered a flaw, you have to take it. Everything in the game is checking what’s going on, and reacting to it.

Truth be told, for some players, the threat of permadeath for a companion may not be too much of a big deal. Obsidian has previously stated that companions in The Outer Worlds are optional. In addition, companions may choose to abandon a player themselves, should the player’s actions cause a rift of some sort between the two characters.

It should be interesting to see if and how the various difficulties play into the possibility of a pacifist playthrough. While Obsidian once noted it’s unclear as to whether finishing the game without taking lives is possible, the team did not rule it out altogether. Should practicing pacifism be the case, the higher difficulties may very well prove to be even more of a challenge.

The Outer Worlds is set to release later this fall on October 25th for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: Wccftech]