Some Unachieved Stretch Goals Will Still be Found in Shenmue III

While a majority of the Shenmue III news cycle has been dominated recently by the fallout of its Epic Store exclusivity, some intriguing news has emerged regarding the game itself. A recent update on its Kickstarter page gave fans an update on how the Shenmue III stretch goals will be implemented in-game. And in a pleasantly surprising turn of events, even stretch goals that failed to reach their funding will be implemented in the final game, as well.

While Shenmue III smashed Kickstarter goals, there were still plenty of stretch goals that weren’t reached. However, it appears that publisher Deep Silver provided Ys Net with enough funding to bring some of its ambitions to life, after all. Because of this extra round of funding, goals like an expansion of the battle system will be found in the final release. Ys Net is also able to expand various in-game areas, giving players even more to do when they finally play Shenmue III.

Unfortunately, some stretch goals that actually were reached won’t be found, while others have been amended. The “Character Perspective System” will not be included at all, though at the same time, Ys Net never went into much detail about what that was. Another change has been made to the already-promised skill tree mechanic. While it hasn’t been dumped, it will overhauled into a “Skill Book System.” It’s unknown exactly what this change means, but this will apparently “better fit the battling style.”

In addition, the Baisha Area will be overhauled into the “Fortified Castle Area.” Previous minigames, quests, and missions will still be present here, however.

While many of Shenmue III’s backers have been upset at the lack of Steam keys, at least the game itself looks to be much bigger in scope than its predecessors. We’ll see for sure when Shenmue III releases on November 19, 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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