Red Dead Redemption 2’s Soundtrack Comes to All Major Music Platforms

Music Of Red Dead Redemption 2: Original Soundtrack is available now on major music platforms, like Apple Music and Spotify. People can immediately hop onto their platform of choice and probably start enjoying all of its songs.

The game’s soundtrack features a number of award-winning artists, including D’Angelo, Willie Nelson, Rhiannon Giddens and Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age).

The album’s track list is as follows:

  1. Unshaken – D’Angelo
  2. Moonlight – Daniel Lanois, Daryl Johnson, Joseph Maize, Darryl Hatcher, Rhiannon Giddens
  3. That’s The Way It Is – Daniel Lanois
  4. Mountain Finale – Daniel Lanois
  5. Crash of the Worlds – Rocco DeLuca
  6. Cruel World – Willie Nelson
  7. Red – Daniel Lanois
  8. Mountain Hymn – Rhiannon Giddens
  9. Mountain Banjo – Rhiannon Giddens
  10. Table Top – Daniel Lanois
  11. Oh My Lovely – Daniel Lanois
  12. Cruel World – Josh Homme

It was also noted that The Music of Red Dead Redemption 2: Original Score would be released as a companion record later in the summer of 2019. This original score is a fan-favorite. So much so, it won the Best Score/Music award at the 2018 Game Awards ceremony. We’ll let you know when Rockstar announces a more solid date for the release of the original score on music platforms.

For now, you can enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2’s soundtrack across various music streaming platforms.

Are you a fan of the game’s score or soundtrack? Will you be checking out the game’s music on Spotify or Apple Music? Let us know!

[Source: Rockstar Games via Twitter]