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The Borderlands 3 ‘Celebration of Togetherness’ Was Just… a Trailer?

Last week, a tease had players looking forward to a big Borderlands 3 announcement today. An invitation to the “Celebration of Togetherness” asked players to stay tuned for something on Tuesday, July 16 at 7 am Pacific, and many assumed it would be an event, reveal, or announcement of some sort. It was more of the “of some sort” variety as Gearbox simply released a cinematic trailer with no new reveals, new information, or otherwise interesting details that warranted four days of anticipation.

At first, players thought that the name “Celebration of Togetherness” was hinting at a reveal for console cross-play, but Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford was quick to dash those hopes. He confirmed that the event was not regarding cross-play, and that while the feature wouldn’t be coming at launch, that the team was working to deliver it as soon as possible. He spurred on further speculation, however, by saying “tomorrow’s thing is awesome, but not about cross-play.”

So what was the “Celebration of Togetherness?” Well, have a look for yourself below:

Yup, that’s the Borderlands 3 “So Happy Together” trailer, in which the four main playable vault hunters dance around to The Turtle’s “Happy Together” while shooting things and explosions go off. It’s all very Borderlands, but it certainly didn’t warrant the anticipation that Gearbox set up for fans last week. As Pitchford promised, it wasn’t about cross-play. It wasn’t news about multiplayer. It didn’t reveal any new gameplay features or dive into the fourth vault hunter, Fl4k. It didn’t even show any gameplay. It was a cinematic trailer set to licensed music, and that was it. After that, Gearbox called for preorders for the game.

I’ve watched this dizzying trailer about four times now, trying to figure out the exact purpose of the “Celebration of Togetherness,” but I’m drawing a blank every time. Players who thought they’d know just a little bit more about Borderlands 3 today are left sorely disappointed. Sure, the trailer embraces the upbeat chaos, mayhem, and insanity that is the Borderlands series, but setting players’ hopes high for something more made the reveal of the trailer fall pretty flat. It certainly wasn’t much of a cause for celebration.

What did you think of the “So Happy Together” trailer? Were you expecting more from today’s reveal or are you satisfied with the trailer we got? Borderlands 3 releases September 13, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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