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Fight in Teams of Three With Hunt: Showdown’s Trinity Mode

Crytek released a short teaser video for a new game mode coming to the first person, monster-slaying shooter, Hunt: Showdown. When it leaves early access on PCs on August 20, 2019, Trinity will appear alongside version 1.0. Multiple three-player teams will head out to hunt monsters while surviving against other real-life players competing for the same targets. We’ll have to wait and see if this means it could launch with the mode when it makes its way to the PlayStation 4 later in 2019.

Have a look at the teaser for Hunt: Showdown‘s Trinity mode!

In Hunt: Showdown, players must use their wits and skills to kill a creature hidden somewhere on the map. Bounty Hunt consists of either ten players who have decided to hunt alone or five teams of two players who have opted to work together in this unforgiving landscape. Players pick a Hunter, choose their gear, and track down various clues to find the creature. Once the creature is killed, players can collect a bounty and turn it in for money and experience. Sounds straight forward enough right? Well, almost.

Players will need to either defeat the other players to ensure their own victory or outsmart them by any means necessary. When someone or some team kills the creature, they become the bounty target(s). Other players can view the bounty targets on the map, turning the Hunters into the hunted. When you die in a match, you will lose your character and gear forever, but your experience will be passed onto your “Bloodline,” meaning you can pick up where you left off with a new Hunter.

What do you think of idea of Trinity mode? Are you a fan of shooter modes that feature three-player squads? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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